Note: Only users with either 'Admin' or 'Allow Comments on Action Logs' permissions will be able to leave notes on action log entries. 

FastGem now allows users to leave notes on existing entries in a record's action logs. Simply follow these directions: 

From the list view of whatever record type you are viewing (below, the Work Order list view is used as an example), click the 'black book' icon to open the action logs for a particular record. From there, you will see a comment button beside each log entry (if you have the correct permissions). 

Click the comment button to add a note to the log entry. Log entries can support multiple notes. 

After you Save your notes, they will appear as a sub-section of that log entry. 

If you are trying to add notes to an existing action log but are already within a record (a Work Order record is used as an example below), then you will need to scroll to the bottom of the Action Logs section within the record, and click 'View All Action Logs (For this Record)'. The action logs will open in a new tab where you can click the comment icon to add notes. 

These steps are illustrated in the gif below: